Council for Optical Radiation Measurements
2009 Presentations

Workshop on Photometry and Colorimetry for Solid State Lighting Sponsored by NIST


Session 1: Design of Integrating Spheres and Materials

A talk on integrating sphere coatings; what has and is being used, advantages and disadvantages 
            Art Springsteen,  Avian Technologies

Integrating Sphere Coatings - A Historical Perspective
            Art Springsteen,  Avian Technologies 

 UV Fluorescence Due to Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons 
            Ping-Shine Shaw

 Session 2: Integrating Spheres and Applications:

Hemispherical-directional integrating sphere for high temperature reflectance factor measurement
            Leonard M. Hanssen, Alexander. V. Prokhorov, and Boris Wilthan, NIST

 Imaging Sphere Measurement of Luminous Intensity, View Angle, and Scatter Distribution Functions
            Dr. Hubert Kostel, Radiant Imaging

 A new integrating sphere design for spectral radiant flux determination of LEDs 
            P. Hanselaer, A. Keppens, Light and Lighting Laboratory

 Theory and Application of an Alternate Method to Integrating Sphere Photometry Performance 
            Greg McKee, Labsphere

 Forward Spectral Flux Standard Address Calibration Needs
            Dr Yang Wang, Jonathan Scheuch, LabsphereION

Off-axis integrating-sphere-based InGaAs radiometer           
            H. W. Yoon, G. P. Eppeldauer,
Y. Zong and T. C. Larason

 Session 3: SSL Measurements, Standards and Applications

 SSL Standards and Test Methods Development: The need for Industry and the Energy Star Driver 
            Eric Richman (PNNL-DOE)

 2008 Summary Report on Testing Variability and Repeatability
            Mia Paget U.S. Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting CALiPER Program

 IESNA standards on LED and SSL: LM-79, LM-80, and future standards
            Yoshi Ohno, NIST

 Exploratory Report on Dimming of Solid-State Lighting Products
            Mia Paget U.S. Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting CALiPER Program

 Selection and Characterization of Proficiency Test Artifacts for NVLAP Solid State Lighting Products Testing Accreditations 
            Cameron Miller, Vyacheslav Podobedov, Lawrence Knab, and Jon Crickenberge, NIST

 NIST Spectrally Tunable Lighting Facility
            Wendy Davis, NIST                           

LED Life Prediction: Towards a General Approach 
            Emil Radkov, GE Lumination

Simple Practical Method for Measurement of High-Power AC-driven LEDs 
            Yuqin Zong and Yoshi Ohno, NIST, Pei-Ting Chou, ITRI

Hemispherical-directional Integrating Sperhe for High Temperature Reflectance factor Measurement
            Leonard Hansesen, Alexander Prokhorov, Boris Wilthan. NIST

The Evaluation of Flicker in LED Luminaires
            Mike Grather (LTL)

Solid State Lighting Interconnects 
            Andy Jackson, Philips Lighting Company

Goniophotometry of LED Luminaires 
            Michael Grather, LTL


Characterization of Radiation Emitted from Dental Light-curing Units
            Fred Rueggeberg,  Professor and Section Director,  Dental Materials School of Dentistry
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