Council for Optical Radiation Measurements
2011 Presentations


Fundamentals of uncertainty analysis for optical measurements: Where do I start?

 (Cameron Miller)

(Cameron Miller)

Case Study: Uncertainty analysis for luminance ratio measurements (Cameron Miller)


Case study: Uncertainty analysis for NIST spectral irradiance measurements

(Howard Yoon)

(Howard Yoon)

Case study: Uncertainty analysis for NIST reflectance colorimetry measurements

(Maria Nadal)

(Maria Nadal)

Uncertainty budgets for integrated photometric measurements (Rolf Bergman)

Case study: Uncertainty analysis for integrating goniometric measurements

(Cameron Miller)

(Cameron Miller)

SSL Novel Ideas/Applications, Standardization Updates

A Practical Photometer for CIE Performance Based Mesopic Photometry System (Tatsukiyo Uchida)

Proficiency Test Group 12 results (Rolf Bergman)

Calculation of CCT and Duv and Practical Conversion Formulae  (Yoshi Ohno)

Development of a 365 nm LED Source as a UV Transfer Standard  (Dr. Shen Zhu)

Fluorescence errors in integrating sphere measurements of remote phosphor type LED light sources
(Arno Keppens – Presented by Yuqin Zong)


Practical Ideas and Tips for Laboratory Measurements


TM-21 Update:  Method for Projecting Lumen Maintenance of LEDs  (Eric Richman)

Real-time Passive Fluorescence Spectra of Induced Stress in Vegetation   (Arnold Theisen)

Review of Commercial Light Meter Calibration  (K Frank Lin)

Practical Lumen Maintenance Testing Using LM - 80 - A discussion of Best Practics and Recent
Standards Activity
(Jeff Hulett)

A closer look at photobiological safety measurements   (Egbert Lenderink)

Simple silicon photodiode based femto-watt measurement system and its implication – (Yuqin Zong)


Frank Grum Memorial Lecture

A view from the other side of technology:  SSL, market forces, politics, and communication” – Dale Work


Optical Properties of Materials 

Characterisation of Fluorescent Materials   (Sven Leyre)

Results of a Nationwide Intercomparison of Infrared Spectral Reflectance Capabilities – (Boris Wilthan/Leonard Hanssen)

A high-power, tunable, supercontinuum-based VIS-SWIR light source for the STARR II gonioreflectometer  (Heather Patrick/and Clarence J. Zarobila)

Integrating sphere superposition technique for quantifying the linearity of InGaAs detectors (Angelo Arecchi)


Laboratory Versus Production SSL Metrology 

Laboratory versus Production SSL Metrology: Lessons and Questions from CALiPER (Mia Paget – Presented by Eric Richman)

Thermal issues in relation to metrics reported on LED data sheets  (Andras Poppe)

Calibrating Optical Sensors for Semiconductor Process Control   (John Corless)

CALiPER Deep Dive Long-Term Testing—Correlation from SSL Device Performance to End Product  (Mia Paget – Presented by Eric Richman)



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