Session – Solid-State Lighting (Chair: Andy Jackson, Philips Lighting) 
Measurement Complications of High Frequency Electricity (Cameron Miller, NIST) 
Disconnect Between Conventional Photometry and Scene Brightness Perception (John Bullough, RPI Lighting Research Center) 
Solid-State Lighting Measurement Assurance Program Summary with Analysis of Metadata (Cameron Miller, NIST) 
New Dimensions in Lighting: Why Metrics and Measurements Need to Adapt (Joshua Miller, Acuity Brands Lighting) 
SSL Stabilization: Some Data and Some Math (David Gross, OSRAM SYLVANIA)
Session – Advances in Radiometry (Chair: Paul Williams, NIST) 

 Upgrading the Spectral Irradiance Scale at NRC (Angela Gamouras, NRC Canada) 

Exploring Optical Radiation Pressure as a Convenient Measure of High- Power Laser Emission (Paul Williams, NIST) 
Towards International Guidelines for Germicidal Air Disinfection (Shelly Miller, University of Colorado) 
Reverse-Engineering the Sun for Solar Cell Research (Tasshi Dennis, NIST) Thursday, May 14 
Session – Uncertainty Analysis for Lighting Measurement (Chair: Michael Grather, LightLab International Allentown) 
Calibration Uncertainty for Common Photometric Laboratory Equipment: An ISO 17025 Concern (Cameron Miller, NIST) 
Evaluation of Uncertainty in Luminous Flux Given the Uncertainty in the Spectral Flux (Rolf Bergman, Consultant) 
Practical Approaches to Uncertainty Analysis for Light Measurement Using Integrating Spheres with Spectroradiometers (Dan Scharpf, Labsphere) 
Uncertainty of Integrated Quantities using Goniometric Data: What to Do With the Space Between the Measurements (Cameron Miller, NIST) 
SI-Traceable Calibration and Nonlinearity Measurement and Uncertainties of Current-to-Voltage Convertors (Thomas Larason, NIST) 
Session – Optical Properties of Materials (Chair: Catherine Cooksey, NIST)
Goniometric BRDF Measurements of Sub-0.1% Reflectance Pyrheliometer Cavities (Heather Patrick, NIST)
Spectral Reflectance Variability of Skin and Attributing Factors (Catherine Cooksey, NIST)
Advanced Analytical and Experimental Techniques for Characterizing the Optical Scattering of Surfaces (James Jafolla, Surface Optics) 
HDR Imaging Based BRDF/BTDF Measurements (Mark Jongewaard, University of Colorado/LTI Optics) 
Photometry Applications at the University of Colorado (Chair: Mark Jongewaard, University of Colorado/LTI Optics) 
A New Multi-Sphere HDR Imaging Calibration System (Mio Stanley, University of Colorado) 
Spectral Modeling of LED Sources (Calvin Lanpher, LTI Optics) 
Spectral Lamp Model Performance Variations (Austin Atkins, University of Colorado)
A Baby Boomer’s Career in Optical Radiometry (Daryl Myers, NREL, retired) 
Council for Optical Radiation Measurements

2015 Presentations


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