Council for Optical Radiation Measurements
2006 Presentations

Advanced Radiometric Sensor Characterization Platforms (.pdf file)

An Illuminating Look at UL Safety Standards with Non-solar UV (.pdf file)

Calibration and Characterization of UV Sensors for Water Disinfection (.pdf file)

Establishment and Propagation of the NIST Spectral Responsivity Scale in the Spectral Comparator Facility (.pdf file)

Goniometric Properties of LEDs (.pdf file)

How to Analyse LCD imaging and Colorimetry measurements using VA characteristics and simulation of the LCD aspects (.pdf file)

Industrial Measurements of UV Systems (.pdf file)

LCD Display Screen Performance Testing for Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras (.pdf file)

LED Flux Measurements Some Practical Considerations (.pdf file)

Measuring of High Dynamic Range Scenes Using Imaging Photometry (.pdf file)

NEED for Standardized Methods To Measure and Report UV-C Lamp Output In Still and Moving Air (.pdf file)

Once is Enough in Radiometric Calibrations (.pdf file)

Performance of New Current to Voltage Amplifier Design for NIST Near Infrared Working Standards (.pdf file)

Primary US National Spectral Radiant Power Responsivity Scales from 210 nm to 2 5 mm.pdf (.pdf file)

Quantitative Optical Medical Imaging (.pdf file)

Realizing a Spectral Radiance Standard (.pdf file)

Response Time Measurement Facing New Driving Scheme on Flat Panel Display (.pdf file)

Spectroradiometric Measurement of Pulsed High-Power LEDs (.pdf file)

Synchrotron Radiation Based UV Irradiance Calibration at SURF III (.pdf file)

The Realization of Total Spectral Radiant Flux Scale

UV Measurements on General Lighting and UV Application Lamps.pdf

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