Council for Optical Radiation Measurements
2007 Papers
An Introduction to the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program     Sally Bruce, NVLAP
NVLAP Draft Summary of Round 11 Compact Fluorescent Results    Dr. Larry Knab, NVLAP
IESNA Approved Method for the Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products - Draft 4.0 Dr. Ron Daubach
The Role of the CIE and the U.S. National Committee in Establishing Standards for Measurement and Characterization of Solid State Lighting Equipment and Products Anderson
US Government Participation in Consensus Standards Development: OMB Circular A-119 Daryl Myers, NREL
NIST Role in Supporting the Solid State Lighting Initiative Dr. Yoshi Ohno, NIST
Standardization of LED measurements; New Pulication of CIE Technical Report # 127:2007 Dr. Kathleen Murray, Inphora Inc.
ASTM Standards on Color and Appearance RobertT. Marcus, Sun Chemical Corporation
The Measurement of Color and ISO/IEC 17025 Gene Zerlaut, SC-International Inc. 
Flux-OMeter, Making Measurements more Accessible Robert L. Donofrio, Display Device Consultants LLC
Mesopic LED Light Source for Automotive Luminance and Color Measurements  Andrew Bierman, Martin Overington, LRC
A History of Solar and Ultraviolet Radiometer Calibration Standards  Gene Zerlaut and Warren Ketola
Weathering Testing for Retroreflective Sheetings     W.D. Ketola
Spatial Stray Light Correction for Imaging Instruments Using the Matrix Method     Yuqin Zong
Preliminary Measurement of the Termperature of a Blackbody using Filter Radiometers Charles Bamber, L.P. Boivin, A. Gaertner,F. Gauthier, R. Gerson, D. Woods; NRC
Novel Flux Calibration Source     David C. Gross, Osram Sylvania
Long Term Stability of Bi-Planar Vacuum Photodiodes Chris Brumage
Flash Pyrometry Techniques for Health Hazard Evaluation Terry L. Lyon, USACHPPM
Filter Radiometers for Weathering and Photo Stability Tests Artur Schonlein, ATLAS Material Testing Technolgy GmbH
Characterization of Integrating Spheres for Ultraviolet Radiometry Ping-Shine Shaw, ZhigLi, Uwe Arp, Howard W. Yoon, Robert D. Saunders, Keith Lykke, NIST
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